Zumata wins Digital Innovation Award for Use of Technology

The Digital Innovation Asia Awards recognize the most forward-thinking yet performance-oriented digital innovations in the Pacific Asia Travel and Tourism industry

Bangkok – 5th July 2017, Zumata, a Singapore based company providing technical solutions to international travel companies, has won the Digital Innovation Award for its use of technology at the Digi.travel Conference in Bangkok. Recognised for its innovative use of technology, Zumata was handpicked for the 4th annual editor’s choice award.

Earlier in the conference, CEO of Zumata, Mr. Josh Ziegler, provided a thought provoking discussion on Artificial Intelligence and its effect on the travel industry. Upon receiving the award he commented, “It’s an honour to be acknowledged for our technical capabilities and product offerings that have contributed significantly to the travel industry. Zumata is best known for its strength in 3rd party hotel distribution which consolidates inventory and improves static content. This helps our clients reduce cost and increase profitability. Through our vast hotel inventory and unique capabilities, we deliver dynamic margins and profit maximization.” 

The core capabilities of Zumata’s hotel consolidation technology are novel in many aspects, and its fast-growing client base provides strong credibility. These were likely the pull factors that put them up for the judges’ consideration. However, what won Zumata the prize, was its extensive background and utilization of artificial intelligence that results in benefits throughout its entire customer journey.

Redefining the Travel Industry with AI Technology

Zumata leverages artificial intelligence to assist in mapping and de-duplicating hotel supplier inventory. This allows them to take advantage of the maximum range of inventory and pricing available through their supply network. The company also uses image recognition to tag their 300 million images while also assigning a quality score. The combination of these attributes allow their partners to showcase the best quality and most relevant images to their customers. 

On top of this, Zumata leverage on natural language understanding, allowing customers to search using conversational language and secure instantaneous customer support through chat applications. Real-time personalization improves sales conversions, resulting in higher revenue. Customer service is a significant cost center for travel retailers. Improved conversions and automating 30-70% of customer service interactions via Zumata’s technology delivers considerable profitability improvements. Overall, this gives customers a better buying and service experience due to its on-demand nature and ability to cater to a wide variety of languages.

Mr. Ziegler adds, “Artificial Intelligence is often talked about, and the key to its adoption is a seamless integration into the customer experience. Having worked with the technology for quite awhile, we’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in the field. We deliver unguided conversational products to our corporate clients.

The customer service applications have proven far easier, cheaper and better at handling repetitive questions than the current methods. The benefits are simply too strong to ignore, and companies are just starting to open their eyes to the incredible opportunity that properly trained automated customer service can provide.” 

About Zumata

Zumata is a technology company providing enterprise-grade solutions to help its clients simplify the complex. Zumata’s Hotel Booking API and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) solutions enable business partners to enhance customer satisfaction while providing excellent products and services at lower costs.

Zumata’s cutting-edge Hotel API offers over 500,000 unique hotel properties with premium imagery and descriptions, in 29 languages, alongside business intelligence. It’s versatile A.I. technology can be applied across almost any industry to harnesses natural language understanding, tone analysis, and image recognition. This helps companies automate tasks while improving the overall customer experience. For more information, please visit www.zumata.com

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