Interview of Zumata’s CEO, Josh Ziegler, by Travel Massive at Web In Travel 2017 Singapore

Zumata participated in WIT 2017 Singapore (23 to 25 Oct) as an exhibitor. Watch this video to see an interview between Zumata’s CEO, Josh Ziegler, and Ian Cumming of Travel Massive. 

Video courtesy of Travel Massive

 About Zumata

Zumata is a technology company providing enterprise-grade solutions to help its clients simplify the complex. Zumata’s Hotel Booking API and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) solutions enable business partners to enhance customer satisfaction while providing excellent products and services at lower costs.

Zumata’s cutting-edge Hotel API offers over 500,000 unique hotel properties with premium imagery and descriptions, in 29 languages, alongside business intelligence. It’s versatile A.I. technology can be applied across almost any industry to harnesses natural language understanding, tone analysis, and image recognition. This helps companies automate tasks while improving the overall customer experience. For more information, please visit


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