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One API. One contract. One point of settlement. One world. 

Zumata’s proprietary hotel API provides OTA’s, travel agents and any other travel retailer the ability to compare a significant number of suppliers to find the best room pricing, availability and content in real time. 

Fast, modern, and a joy for your development team to integrate

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One contract, one point of settlement, and one supply source that provides you a huge inventory, great content, textual content in 29 languages. Zumata is your one-stop solution for accommodation inventory.

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Give your customers the benefit of choice, as you gain access to over 500,000 hotel and vacation rental properties in 220 countries. We source the world, so you don't have to.

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Quick Time
To Market

Whether you're a team of senior level engineers, or just starting out, our well documented API solutions offer multiple integration options to help you sell quickly.


Designed to be plugged into any system, whether it's been around for decades or running the latest code. Search, display, and return results in any way you like.

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State of Art Booking

APIs are not created equal, and our JSON APIs leverage the latest technologies to return results lightning quick and reduce booking errors.

Our Inventory
or yours

Choose to leverage Zumata's contracted rates alone, or as a compliment to the supply you've already secured. This is the best of both worlds -- add new rates and availability, and keep the relationships you already have.


We leverage AI, big data and machine learning in hotel distribution. The hotel API provides large OTAs, smaller travel agents and any other travel retailer the capabilities to compare a significant number of suppliers to find the best rooms pricing, availability and content in real time.

Zumata offers over 500,000 unique hotel properties through our supplier partners. By using the Zumata Extranet product you can also add your own directly-sourced hotel contracts to your Zumata account. 

Zumata works with over 60 hotel suppliers globally. These consist of wholesalers, direct hotel feeds, syndicated client content, directly-sourced Zumata content, and channel managers. We continue to evaluate new potential sourced of supply and integrate 1-2 per month. Also, with Zumata you only have 1 contract to sign while we manage the deposits, financials, etc. with the individual suppliers. This means you get up and running with all of them immediately and don’t expend a large degree of time and cash on deposits, accounting, etc.

The structure of the API and our documentation have been built to ensure ease of integration for our clients. We’ve had a clients complete integration in as little as 1 week, but the average is 3-4 weeks. Upon signing up for the API key you will be assigned an on-boarding technical partner who will assist you through the integration process. 

Zumata offers 24 hour client support. While you will be the first point of contact for your customers, Zumata is there to assist you with any booking problems that you need assistance with. We also provide 24 hour emergency phone numbers for our suppliers. We help coordinate any issues between the hotel, the supplier, and your needs.

We offer 29 languages currently.

You can request prices in any currency.  However, settlement is handled in USD.

Yes, we offer our clients the ability to access their existing, or future, contracts via the same single API.  No more integrations – offload the headaches of supply chain and connectivity problems, so your team can focus on your core business.

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