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If you are a business that wants to sell hotel or vacation rental reservations, Zumata can help!     Whether you are looking for a versatile API, a white label booking site, or a travel agent portal to book for your clients or staff, we have a solution to get you to market quickly, maximize conversions, and increase profit from each sale. 


We help you increase accommodation inventory, maximize profit through price comparison, eliminate mapping and duplicating challenges, and enhance images and descriptions.

Travel Management Companies​

We help you get more sources of inventory, enhance online booking capabilities and improve your margins through our advanced hotel aggregator.

Loyalty, Reward & Financial Companies

We help you earn and burn points / miles, give you access to special member only rates and increase your membership revenue.

Simple & Powerful API

Our lightweight API is perfect for mobile and limited bandwidth environments and boasts the lowest booking error rates in the market.

Dynamic Margins

Reservations are set at the same price as competitors. We compare prices between 100+ suppliers before matching the lowest cost supplier for you to get the best margins.

Superior Content Quality

Benefit from descriptions in 29 languages, image tagging and labeling which can be used to optimize the text and images shown.

Artificial Intelligence

With automated, real-time personalization, help your users search for their perfect accommodation and increase conversions.

Quick Integration

Achieve direct API integration into our advanced hotel aggregator in less than 50% of the time taken to integrate competitors' APIs.

Accurate Mapping

We match different data sets from multiple suppliers down to the package-level
(i.e. city/hotel/room/type/package) .

hotel aggregator

Hotel Booking

With over 500,000+ unique hotel and vacation rental properties, we have inventory in every corner of the globe, alongside premium imagery, many languages, low error rates, all delivered lightning fast.

hotel aggregator

REsponsive Custom
Booking Site

We can build you a 100% custom solution to increase your conversions and get you up and running quickly. Your brand, your message, our inventory, that looks great on any device -- it doesn't get easier.

hotel aggregator

Travel Agent

Access all our inventory, compare market rates, make and manage bookings for your customers via an easy to use interface that also highlights your earnings . Create an account, and start making money today.

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