ZUMATA was featured as one of the top 10 companies changing Travel Industry this year 2017



The travel industry is expanding both in terms of reach and technology. For example, you can check out a list of the top ten space travel companies to watch in 2017 here. But space isn’t the only innovation in travel.

With other new inventions such as virtual reality and augmented reality, how we define travel is changing as well. Sometimes, we travel without even leaving our homes. Others, we might get an augmented peek into the past.

We also no longer have to travel “alone” with artificially intelligent travel assistants and chatbots to help guide us along our journeys.

In fact, the travel industry is so ripe for disruption that Scott Alvis of Amadeus states that “disruption is the new normal.

Check out these ten disruptive travel companies to watch in 2017.


ZUMATAZUMATA is an IBM Watson ecosystem partner bringing artificial intelligence to travel technology. They offer hotel booking solutions as well as AI solutions to travel agencies, loyalty companies, those who work in corporate travel, and so much more. They offer an intelligent travel agent and a hotel booking API that covers over 550,000 hotel properties over 60+ global hotel suppliers.




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