Personalization and Review Summarization Lead to Improved Hotel Guest Experiences

Personalization and Review Summarization Lead to Improved Guest Experiences

Singapore – November 4, 2016 – Zumata announced today that it has incorporated TrustYou’s Meta-Review* and TrustScore data ratings into its hotel API. As a result of this integration, travelers will be able to evaluate key hotel attributes at any one of the more than 500,000 hotels Zumata counts in its consolidated inventory. TrustYou’s advanced semantic technology processes billions of data points within guest reviews to arrive at these key hotel attributes and uses them as a basis to calculate its TrustScore.

A recent study conducted by TrustYou and New York University found that 95% of travelers read reviews before booking a hotel. They also read between 6-12 reviews and spend an average of thirty minutes researching before making their selection. The same study also revealed that 80% of travelers would prefer to save time and consult the type of aggregated and summarized reviews that TrustYou provides to its partners. This advanced feedback offering aligns with Zumata’s goal of creating the most personalized travel search experience possible.

The TrustScore will be featured prominently on each Zumata API hotel listing displayed when a traveler performs a search. Clicking on the TrustScore reveals the hotel’s summarized key attributes that TrustYou has aggregated, such as “Excellent business hotel”, “Close to Universal Studios” or “ Good for sightseeing and located near shopping areas” . With the recent update of the Meta-Review design, the information will be helpfully organized and presented for the traveler’s review.

“We’re always looking to improve the customer experience,” said Zumata CEO Josh Ziegler, “and we’re leveraging artificial intelligence to read and understand reviews, blogs, articles, images, and other unstructured data to match travelers with their perfect hotel. Our partnership with TrustYou, and their sophisticated and easy-to-use review summaries, add another useful and visual indication of hotel ambiance and quality.   Personalized results from Zumata, and credible and summarized review metrics from TrustYou, give customers a powerful combination which makes their buying decision easier.”

“TrustYou is on a mission to improve the traveler experience with guest feedback,” said Michael Menzel, VP Strategic Partnerships of TrustYou. “Zumata has a similar commitment to travelers and will work with us to provide accurate and sophisticated data on behalf of hundreds of thousands of hotels worldwide.”


About Zumata

Zumata is the only AI-powered hotel distribution company in the world, delivering consolidated online hotel inventory of over 500,000 properties globally. Beyond consolidated inventory, Zumata also delivers leading technology for partners holding their own hotel and wholesale contracts. Accurate mapping, cognitive computing and significant suppliers overlap help B2B partners achieve lower cost prices, decreased reliance on a single supplier, and optimize customer conversions. 


About TrustYou

TrustYou, the world’s largest guest feedback platform, is on a mission to provide hotels with the insights they need to improve their hotel product and market their value to future guests. With 95% of travelers reporting that they read reviews before making a booking decision, the impact of guest feedback is more important than ever. TrustYou analyzes hundreds of millions of hotel reviews, surveys, and social comments scattered across a vast, fragmented market and transforms this content into actionable insights for 500,000 hotels. This enables travel sites to improve the trip planning process and hotels to optimize their service and influence bookings on scale. Products include TrustYou Meta-Reviews*, verified global review summaries; TrustYou Messaging, direct guest messaging service; TrustYou Stars, an advanced guest satisfaction survey tool; TrustYou Analytics, the world’s leading online reputation management tool and the accompanying app TrustYou Radar.

*TrustYou Meta-Reviews only contain verified reviews and do not include reviews from TripAdvisor.

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