Hotel Booking API

Multi-Source Hotel Booking API

ZUMATA’s IBM Watson powered Hotel Booking API is made for travel companies that are ready to build their own site or for companies looking to increase their hotel inventory.

We aggregate over 60+ global hotel suppliers and consolidate all the inventory into a single API. This means that you get access to all instantly bookable hotels without having to sign separate agreements or settle your accounts with any of the underlying suppliers.

Having only one consolidated supplier in ZUMATA and one API integration, results in significant operational cost savings vs having to individually deal with every single supplier.


Mapping and De-duplication

  • Clean & accurate data
  • No duplicate hotels
  • Data integrity
  • Better user experience
  • Machine Learning


  • Calling & retrieving data in real time
  • Quicker results
  • More usable inventory


  • Re –acquisition of booking
  • Cache results 3 -6 months ahead
  • Instantaneous results

Yield Management

  • Algorithm sets price at same price as competitor
  • Lowest cost supplier matched to provide best margin
  • Hotels with highest margin appear in priority



Instantly Confirmed

Easy to Integrate

Mobile Optimized

Muilti-Source Inventory

550,000+ Hotels


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