Hotel Booking Solutions

ZUMATA is in the business of making selling hotel reservations easy. Whether you’re seeking a fully customized website, or have the technical capabilities to integrate our Hotel API, we have a solution that can maximize your sales and your profit from accommodation sales.

ZUMATA’s Hotel API simplifies your accommodation inventory by providing over 550,000 unique hotel properties in a single connection. Eliminate the challenges of a multi-supplier environment by relying upon ZUMATA’s advanced mapping and de-duplication capabilities that are second to none.

Our consolidated inventory includes an average of three suppliers per property to ensure you’re getting the lowest cost price. However, if you have your own directly contracted properties or wholesale relationships, we can route these through our API in isolation or in combination with our consolidated inventory to ensure you’re getting the best cost.

Beyond simply getting the lowest cost price, ZUMATA also compares supply prices to real-time market pricing. This allows you to dynamically set your margins, price competitively, and not leave money on the table. Steer your customers to your highest yielding properties, to maximize the benefit of this business intelligence.

ZUMATA is the only player in the hotel distribution space working with IBM Watson, and our artificial intelligence capabilities dramatically improve the content set available to you while allowing the ability to tailor the content delivered to each and every customer based upon their needs.

Hotel Booking API

Our Hotel Booking API is ideal for companies that already have experience integrating travel api’s

Travel Booking Site

Our Custom Travel Booking Sites are ideally suited for companies that want to get up and running quickly.

Intelligent Travel Agent

Making Travel Personal with Artificial Intelligence

Get up and running fast

One Contract

We distribute inventory to OTA’s, GDS’s, Travel Startups, Loyalty and Rewards Companies, TMC’s and Corporate Travel companies as well as Travel Agents.

One Settlement

Are you tired of reconciling with multiple suppliers, with varying terms and wide-ranging formats? Simplify your settlement process by dealing with us.

One Integration

Remove the headaches of multiple integrations and the ongoing maintenance of supplier updates.  

24 hour support

Your customers need support when they need it, and we’re here for you whenever you need us.