How many hotel properties does ZUMATA offer for distribution?

ZUMATA offers over 400,000 unique hotel properties through our supplier partners. By using the ZUMATA Extranet product you can also add your own directly-sourced hotel contracts to your ZUMATA account.

How many suppliers does ZUMATA work with?

ZUMATA works with over 60 hotel suppliers globally. These consist of wholesalers, direct hotel feeds, syndicated client content, directly-sourced ZUMATA content, and channel managers. We continue to evaluate new potential sourced of supply and integrate 1-2 per month. Also, with ZUMATA you only have 1 contract to sign while we manage the deposits, financials, etc. with the individual suppliers. This means you get up and running with all of them immediately and don’t expend a large degree of time and cash on deposits, accounting, etc.

How long does the ZUMATA API take to integrate?

The structure of the API and our documentation have been built to ensure ease of integration for our clients. We’ve had a client complete integration in as little as 1 week, but the average is 3-4 weeks. Upon singing up for an API key you will be assigned an on-boarding technical partner who will assist you through the integration process. Please see developer.zumata.com for more details.

How customizable is the booking solution?

The custom booking solution is 100% customizable from a design and technology standpoint. We can integrate Airline, Car, Hotel and activity API’s into a single and mobile responsive site. You can create .psd files per your own designs and we will build your site from scratch for you or you can have our design and UX/UI team guide you.

What kind of support do you offer if there is a problem with a booking, the customer needs to make a change, etc.?

ZUMATA offers 24-hour client support. While you will be the first point of contact for your customers, ZUMATA is there to assist you with any booking problems that you need assistance with. We also provide 24-hour emergency phone numbers for our suppliers. We help coordinate any issues between the hotel, the supplier, and your needs.

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