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We are located in the heart of Singapore’s startup scene, and the neighborhood is supercharged with talent and creativity.

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Back-End Web Developer

– GO, Ruby, Python, Node, Java, Redis, AWS
– Responsibilities:
Create solid, testable code
Optimize and scale your work artfully
Learn as you go, share cool stuff with the rest of us
– Requirements:
Deep knowledge of at least one high level language (Ruby, Java, Python, C/C++, Objective-C, Go, Javascript, etc.)
Willingness to learn/work in other languages, we use Go, Ruby and Node, different projects, different tools
A strong bent toward fanatical adherence to Testing and TDD
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Want to work with Artificial Intelligence?

Would you like to work with Watson? Puzzling out the applied problems of travel, using learning AI, cognitive computing, and prediction sound interesting? ZUMATA is hiring clever engineers and data scientists to help us build cool applications which bring these things to our travel customers. If you have an experienced background in Computer Science, big data & analytics, applied math, or something equally amazing, as well as a proficiency in a language these solutions are built in (Python, et al), then get in touch, we’d like to talk to you!
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