Josh Ziegler: A Curious Entrepreneur Defining the Boundaries of Innovation


Josh is the founder and CEO of Zumata, a leading-edge technology firm that embraces and deploys cutting-edge technology.  An avid tinkerer, he seeks out new challenges and opportunities with a keen eye to ‘making things better’ whether that’s making a tastier pizza or solving complex business problems. Originally from the USA, he has called Asia home for the last 15 years. … Read More

Is the future of customer service fully automated ?


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) in customer service has long stopped being a science fiction fantasy. In fact, over 90 percent of world-leading brands like Alibaba and Uber already use some form of AI-powered solution to improve customer interactions. … Read More

A Reflection Blog by our Summer 2017 Intern

Every year, Zumata hosts both local and overseas interns who spent several weeks, applying what they learned in university into practice. The following article comes from one of our interns who reflects on her internship with Zumata.
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Singapore Tourism Board Technology Solution Provider

It is a great honour for Zumata to be selected by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) as the only Chatbot Technology Provider with solutions supported through Tourism Innovation Challenge for Travel Agents 2017.  … Read More

Zumata CEO Josh in an interview in WIT 2017 Singapore

Zumata participated in WIT 2017 Singapore (23 to 25 Oct) as an exhibitor.  Watch this video to hear our CEO Josh views.

Why Simple Is Best


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Zumata to win World’s Leading Travel Technology Provider Award

Zumata is proud to announce that it has been nominated for the World’s Leading Travel Technology Provider Award.  With your help, Zumata will win.


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Income debuts Travel Insurance Chatbot, ‘Jiffy Jane’, enabling policy purchase and instant support to travellers’ enquiries on travel insurance

‘Jiffy Jane’ is industry-first; enhanced accessibility is a boon to travel insurance on-the-go


SINGAPORE, 30 August 2017 – NTUC Income (“Income”) brings to market yet another customer centric innovation with the first unguided conversational travel insurance chatbot on mobile messaging application, Facebook Messenger. … Read More

Top 10 Companies Disrupting the Travel Industry in 2017

ZUMATA was featured as one of the top 10 companies changing Travel Industry this year 2017



The travel industry is expanding both in terms of reach and technology. For example, you can check out a list of the top ten space travel companies to watch in 2017 here. But space isn’t the only innovation in travel. … Read More

Hotel data is a mess, ZUMATA uses AI to help hotel booking platforms like Expedia manage listings efficiently

By standardising data, ZUMATA aims to help hotel booking platforms get better margins from suppliers


To the layperson, a hotel booking platform like Expedia is simply a marketplace that aggregates a list of available hotels based on their personal preferences. But what goes on in the backend, specifically the distribution chain, is actually pretty messy. … Read More

Chat Bots : The Real Revolution


ZUMATA Gary IBM Connect 2017

Drones… the cloud… 3D printing… self-driving cars (even ones that strike up conversations with you): so far, so familiar. Astonishing though they are when you think about them, these are now well-recognised chunks of what we now know will be our future. But there was also one other piece of technology mentioned at IBM Connect 2017 that those in the know are even more excited about, but seems far less sexy… Chat Bots. … Read More

ZUMATA : Your Personal Cognitive Travel Booking Agent

Watson provides natural language interface for travellers

Intelligent Travel Agent

If you’re like me, making travel plans can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. But, what if you had everything you would need to know about your vacation in the palm of your hand and in real time? Thanks to cognitive technologies, there are now apps to help you have the best travel experience ever. … Read More

(Video – CNBC) Chatbots will change how customers and enterprises interact

Earlier this morning, our CEO – Josh Ziegler, spoke with Dan Murphy on CNBC about artificial intelligence, chatbots, and IBM Watson in relation to how ZUMATA is using these technologies to assist our clients and partners like Expedia, Amadeus, DHISCO, and Paytm.

ZUMATA is leveraging its relationship with IBM Watson to build artificial intelligence technologies in the areas of natural language understanding, image recognition, and tone analysis to deliver truly personalized advisory and customer service tools. … Read More

2017 – an Exciting Year Ahead


2016 represented a truly transformative year for ZUMATA, and our team has risen to the challenge while inspiring me on a daily basis. The reasons you’ll read below for my excitement are a result of the tireless effort and work of our dedicated team, to whom I am continually grateful to work beside. … Read More

Three Keys to Engaging Millennials for Online Travel Agents

Millennials, born between 1980 to 2000, have grown to form the largest segment of the American population, outnumbering Baby Boomers 92 to 77 million (Source: US Census Bureau). They also make up the largest generational segment in the world. A majority see themselves as being on the leading edge of technology. This is reflected in how they search for travel. … Read More


How can IBM Watson improve the travel industry?

Last month our company ZUMATA was honored to be selected as a finalist in the IBM Watson New Venture Challenge.

The New Venture Challenge is going to allow us to showcase one of the ways in which we will be using the cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson, to enhance our hotel distribution API.

In this article I want to talk about cognitive/ machine learning, Watson and what we are doing for the challenge, and how travel companies and consumers can benefit. … Read More

Business Development (1)

The importance of multi-supplier environments for hotel bookings

Whether you’re an online travel agent, an offline travel agent, a travel management company, a reward or loyalty provider, or any company engaged in selling or booking hotel rooms, an inevitable question you’ll be faced with is – How many hotel suppliers should I work with?

There are many things to consider.  The of your business, the technical capabilities and resources available internally or with your technical partner, the ability to secure relationships with suppliers, the operational challenges involved in coordinating settlements, and customer service requirements in dealing across multiple supply relationships are just a few of the topics that will be important to assess in determining your supply network. … Read More

Business Development

Hotel aggregator vs. hotel consolidator

In the world of hotel supply and distribution, the terms hotel consolidator and hotel aggregator are bandied about continually.  Unfortunately, there seems to be no common understanding of the key similarities and difference between these terms.

How are they similar?

Both hotel aggregators and hotel consolidators organize multiple sources of supply and facilitate some form of understanding in terms of how the sources of supply relate.  In simplest terms, this typically means that these companies will attempt to match different data sets together. In more common industry terms, both aggregators and consolidators are meant to be experts at mapping. … Read More