Artificial Intelligence enabled Customer Service and Intelligent Agent for Banking Industry

Jakarta – December 8, 2016 – Zumata, a Singapore-based hotel distribution and technology company, is pleased to announce that its CTO, Gary Theis, was a speaker at Infobank’s forum, “Digital Revolution – Transforming the Banking Enterprise.” Gary addressed Artificial Intelligence enabled customer service and intelligent agent sales and recommendation opportunities for the banking industry. In his talk, Gary described how Zumata has positioned itself to bring the lessons of A.I. to the banking industry.

The two main areas of A.I. application that Gary spoke about were the utility of the conversational agent to alleviate call volumes for customer service representatives and the ability of intelligent agents to improve the customer experience of selecting financial products.

Customer Service: 

Zumata’s A.I. conversational agent accurately determines the intent of the customer’s questions and quickly returns high-confidence answers. The core capabilities of its conversational agent include the ability to draw conclusions from customers’ questions, remember important information from the entirety of an interaction with a customer, learn new information from interactions, and even understand the customer’s emotion. The conversational agent easily fields basic and intermediate customer requests, leaving complex tasks for human agents. A.I. customer service promises to drastically improve customer satisfaction for the banking industry’s clients and while at the same time reducing operational costs.

Intelligent Agent: 

Many consumer preferences are not currently discoverable through traditional online tools, as these tools are not able to search through and understand the vast amount of unstructured data that resides in textual content such as reviews, blog posts, and news articles. Zumata’s intelligent agent is currently able to pinpoint consumers’ hotel preferences and offer a high degree of customization precisely because of its analysis and understanding of unstructured data. By virtue of its natural language search capability, Zumata’s travel customers are able to request highly customized characteristics and amenities for hotels such as whether a hotel is quiet, is ideal for children, or is good value for money—all in a one-sentence search. The ability to uncover the customer’s true intent can be extended to the banking industry. The A.I. intelligent agent can be trained to search for banking products such as credit cards, loans, and other financial products based on a quick one-sentence requests.

“A.I. is currently disrupting several industries,” said Gary Theis, CTO of Zumata. “What’s interesting is that, in a few cases, A.I. innovations in one industry are directly applicable to other industries. This is true of the A.I. customer service and intelligent agents we’ve created. I was delighted to share our A.I. capabilities with the audience at Infobank’s Digital Revolution forum, and believe these advances will transform how customers interact with the banking industry, and ultimately make the industry leaner.”

About Zumata

Zumata is a technology company providing enterprise-grade solutions to help its clients simplify the complex. Zumata’s Hotel Booking API and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) solutions enable business partners to enhance customer satisfaction while providing excellent products and services at lower costs.

Zumata’s cutting-edge Hotel API offers over 500,000 unique hotel properties with premium imagery and descriptions, in 29 languages, alongside business intelligence. It’s versatile A.I. technology can be applied across almost any industry to harnesses natural language understanding, tone analysis, and image recognition. This helps companies automate tasks while improving the overall customer experience. For more information, please visit

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