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Zumata is a data company that leverages advanced technologies to simplify complex problems for its corporate customers.

Zumata works across industries through its chatbot applications, but is heavily focused on the travel space.  In particular, Zumata is a B2B travel technology company that consolidates and organizes the universe of third party hotel supply and delivers hotel pricing, availability, and static content to travel retailers.

Zumata’s cutting edge travel technology and consolidated hotel inventory represents over 500,000 properties globally from a large number of suppliers. Accurate mapping and significant supplier overlap allows our partners to achieve lower cost prices, decrease reliance upon any single supplier, and optimize customer conversions.

Whether our partners utilize our custom-made websites that support air, cars, hotels and activities, or if they leverage our powerful suite of hotel APIs directly, they’ll realize enormous technical savings, operational savings, and dramatically decrease their time to market while also increasing their profit simultaneously.

Zumata delivers best-in-class services for corporate travel, reward and loyalty players, travel marketplaces, GDS’s, and just about any form of online or offline travel agent.

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