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We solve complex problems for our corporate clients

What we do

Our core products are our Travel Solutions and our AI Conversational Chatbots.

Our Travel Solutions include our API, Travel Agent Portal, and Customized websites.  We’re offering the next generation of hotel and vacation rental connectivity that makes it easy for any company wishing to sell travel by overcoming the many challenges of accommodation distribution, increasing speed to market, and maximizing profit from each sale.

Our AI Conversational Chatbots cater primarily to customer service, sales, and advisory capabilities and can be deployed in many different industries including insurance, travel, food and beverage, and retail just to name a few.

Zumata's Core Values

Simplify Everything

Clients Are Priority

Always Innovate

Think Big

Be Accountable

Stay Agile

Win as a Team

Improve Every Day

Zumata Awards

"One of the 10 most innovative artificial intelligence solution providers of 2018"
- Insights Success

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