• ZUMATA's Hotel API

    Instantly connect over 550,000 unique hotel properties, no duplicates, and best prices

  • Artificial Intelligence Solutions

    Improve the customer experience & customer journey – increase sales while decreasing operating costs

Clients and Partners that Trust Us

Who we help

Online and Offline Travel Agencies

  • Increase hotel and non-hotel accommodation inventory
  • Maximize profit through price comparison
  • Eliminate mapping & de-duplicating challenges
  • Improve static content – images & descriptions

Banks, Insurance Companies and Customer Service Industry

  • Better Customer Engagement
  • Faster Customer Response
  • Lower Operating Cost and Ease of Scaling

Corporate Travel and TMC's

  • Get More Sources Of Inventory
  • Online Booking Capabilities
  • Improve Your Margins

Loyalty/ Reward / Financial Companies

  • Earn and burn points/miles
  • Access to special member only rates
  • Increase your membership revenue

Our Latest Posts

Top 10 Companies Disrupting the Travel Industry in 2017 April 21, 2017

ZUMATA was featured as one of the top 10 companies changing Travel Industry this year 2017



The travel industry is expanding both in terms of reach and technology. For example, you can check out a list of the top ten space travel companies to watch in 2017 here. But space isn’t the only innovation in travel. … Read More

Hotel data is a mess, ZUMATA uses AI to help hotel booking platforms like Expedia manage listings efficiently April 20, 2017

By standardising data, ZUMATA aims to help hotel booking platforms get better margins from suppliers


To the layperson, a hotel booking platform like Expedia is simply a marketplace that aggregates a list of available hotels based on their personal preferences. But what goes on in the backend, specifically the distribution chain, is actually pretty messy. … Read More

Chat Bots : The Real Revolution March 20, 2017


ZUMATA Gary IBM Connect 2017

Drones… the cloud… 3D printing… self-driving cars (even ones that strike up conversations with you): so far, so familiar. Astonishing though they are when you think about them, these are now well-recognised chunks of what we now know will be our future. But there was also one other piece of technology mentioned at IBM Connect 2017 that those in the know are even more excited about, but seems far less sexy… Chat Bots. … Read More

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