• ZUMATA's Hotel API

    Instantly connect over 550,000 unique hotel properties, no duplicates, and best prices

  • Artificial Intelligence Solutions

    Improve the customer experience & customer journey – increase sales while decreasing operating costs

Clients and Partners that Trust Us

Who we help

Online and Offline Travel Agencies

  • Increase hotel and non-hotel accommodation inventory
  • Maximize profit through price comparison
  • Eliminate mapping & de-duplicating challenges
  • Improve static content – images & descriptions

Banks, Insurance Companies and Customer Service Industry

  • Better Customer Engagement
  • Faster Customer Response
  • Lower Operating Cost and Ease of Scaling

Corporate Travel and TMC's

  • Get More Sources Of Inventory
  • Online Booking Capabilities
  • Improve Your Margins

Loyalty/ Reward / Financial Companies

  • Earn and burn points/miles
  • Access to special member only rates
  • Increase your membership revenue

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Is the future of customer service fully automated ? February 16, 2018


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A Reflection Blog by our Summer 2017 Intern January 7, 2018

Every year, Zumata hosts both local and overseas interns who spent several weeks, applying what they learned in university into practice. The following article comes from one of our interns who reflects on her internship with Zumata.
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