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Get access to over 400,000 bookable hotels
with our API Powered By IBM Watson

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Get the best global travel inventory

As a technology company specializing in travel distribution, we understand both the technical and operational challenges that come from selling travel.

When you work with us, you will no longer have to deal with messy,inflexible, out-dated, and complicated inventory and travel technology.

We work with our clients to help solve inventory, mapping, speed and supplier errors through a single, easy to implement and state-of-the-art API that delivers results from our consolidated supply contracts or aggregates the contract you hold.

Our API inventory consists of over 400,000 unique hotel properties from multiple global suppliers around the world. We are the only hotel distribution company in the world that is using big data and IBM Watson technologies.

Natural Language Search Finds the Best Hotels for You

ZUMATA utilizes IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence technology to transform the online hotel booking experience.

Why comb through page after page of meaningless hotel listings when you can simply type in your requirements as you would in a search engine?

ZUMATA’s Hotel Booking API and IBM Watson-powered technology will instantly display the most tailored results to your trip.

We are the only multi-source travel distribution company in the world that provides artificial intelligence capability to your hotel booking experience.

Who we help

Online and Offline Travel Agencies

  • Increase your inventory
  • Maximize your revenue
  • Yield managment

Loyalty/ Reward / Financial Companies

  • Earn and burn points/miles
  • Access to special member only rates
  • Increase your membership revenue

Corporate Travel and TMC's

  • Get More Sources Of Inventory
  • Online Booking Capabilities
  • Improve Your Margins

Travel Companies

  • Get more content for your GDS
  • Get your Startup up and running fast
  • Distribute your Metasearch content

Our Products

Travel Booking Site

Launch a site that helps you increase your revenue and forget about the maintanence of the site

Hotel Booking API

Save time and money by using our cutting edge and mobile optimized Hotel API

IBM Watson Solutions

We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve your conversions

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